Writing Clojure with Vim

If you want to do Clojure development with vim, the key things you need are the fantastic Fireplace.vim from dear, dear tpope along with Paredit. A great getting started post by Gabe Hollombe is here. It mostly mirrors my current setup. Getting started with Paredit for writing Clojure You won’t have the full power of editing Clojure Read More

Strange Loop thoughts

Ninety women, people of color, and people with disabilities attended Strange Loop this year who would not have otherwise been able to afford to attend. There were also 21 women speakers and workshop leaders. First-time attendees had a lunch with Conference Guides to orient them to the conference. Women’s attendance rose from 6 to 12%. Read More

Minecraft modding for fun and butter

My daughter has been playing Minecraft enthusiastically for more than a year now. Of course, my first thought as a programmer Mom was that this was my chance to rope her into programming. “Game mods!” I thought to myself, were the way so many people who started programming young got into it. She and I Read More


Last year I had an experience that drove home for me that with thoughtful attention and some hard work, software communities that seemed irrevocably homogenous can successfully open up and become more inclusive. Despite the amount of attention I personally pay to issues around women in software development, I have to admit that I have Read More

I am a Clojure programmer

Clojure is a pleasure. It is the tool I use with which I can most easily reason. My thoughts go straight into the REPL, no ceremony; the results I get there give me immediate feedback in a loop; the functions that result go into source files in a project that very clearly express my intentions. Read More

Strange Loop 2013

Strange Loop 2013 was amazing. There were so many parts that, in and of themselves, made the trip worth it. David Stutz’ performance based on the ideas that appear in the works of Douglas Hofstadter; Hofstadter himself; a keynote with a Nichelle Nichols theme; yet another performance by the amazing Friedman and Byrd. I could go on Read More

svn+ssh with Subclipse on OS X

If you need to use svn+ssh with Subclipse on OS X, use SVNKit instead of JavaHL. Otherwise, you will receive errors such as “Network connection closed unexpectedly” In Eclipse, go to Eclipse – Preferences, then Team – SVN. Under SVN interface, choose Client: SVNKit (Pure Java) SVNKit vx.x.x.xxx. Read More

Visual Studio debugging issues

I am working on an ASP.Net web services project, and, out of the blue, lost the ability to debug in Visual Studio.  When I tried to debug my application that tested the web services, it could not load the symbols of the web services project.  It was all very mysterious as nothing about my environment Read More

Learning Clojure next steps

Work has been very busy, but I have been stealing whatever moments I can to continue learning Clojure.  Finished Programming Clojure, started The Joy of Clojure, and have been working on the exercises in the labrepl. It is finally starting to really sink in.  I feel that ah-hah moment coming… not quite there yet, but Read More

Java 1.5 missing on Snow Leopard

I have various reasons to develop against Java 1.5 (and 1.4!) and found that Java 1.5 is missing from OS X Snow Leopard. These instructions worked perfectly for me.  Once I installed 1.5, I used the Java Preferences in OS X – /Applications/Utilities/Java Preferences to make 1.5 default. A Java update will probably break this, Read More

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