So many things, mostly work, have been keeping me busy that I have not had time to do any game programming for the past year.  I have not given up, though.  My current interest is HTML5/Javascript game programming, sparked mainly by the Google Pacman logo.  I found a great canvas intro tutorial that is very thoughtfully put together and fun.

What I am fully immersed in right now, though, is learning Clojure.  I am reading Programming Clojure and a variety of online resources.  Functional programming languages have always been an over the horizon quest for me.  A bit of Lisp in college Programming Languages, a few months of watching SICP lectures, read part of an Erlang book, etc.  I have never quite gotten it, though.  Now the light bulb is finally starting to go off.  I don’t know if it’s that I’ve reached a brain critical mass or if it’s Clojure.  I went to a functional programming meetup, and foldr finally really made sense to me.  That might have just been due to how well it was presented there, though.

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