Using JavaHL with Eclipse on OS X

I had some flaky issue with Subclipse where it could not communicate with one particular repository with https.  Everything worked fine with straight svn at the command line and through the browser, but no dice in Eclipse.  After many agonizing hours (as very little of this was clear from logs, error messages, etc… I had Read More

Getting started options for Clojure

When I first installed Clojure, I had a working java environment on OS X, so all I had to do was download the clojure jars.  Then I ran the REPL with java -cp clojure.jar clojure.main That got packaged into a shell script, clj, which was added to my path and chmod +x so that I Read More


So many things, mostly work, have been keeping me busy that I have not had time to do any game programming for the past year.  I have not given up, though.  My current interest is HTML5/Javascript game programming, sparked mainly by the Google Pacman logo.  I found a great canvas intro tutorial that is very Read More

JaxJug Unicode lightning talk

JaxJug Unicode lightning talk Presented for JaxJug, April 15, 2009. Read More

Cocoa Programming

This week I started reading Aaron Hillegaas’ Cocoa book.  Learning Objective-C is a bit confusing – all the []’s and @’s, etc – but not too bad.  It reminds me a lot of Smalltalk if you used a salt shaker to sprinkle some C on top of it. What I think I really need to Read More

JRuby Presentation

Presented for RubyJax, March 24, 2009. JRuby Presentation Read More

Next step: developing for OS X

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on my game programming hobby, but I have not given up!  This is just a hiatus while I do actual paying work.   That beginning game programming book really served well for its purpose.  Now my next goal is to make a copy of an existing game from scratch. Read More

Hard at work making new games

I picked up right where I left off before in my beginning game programming book.  I just modified the book’s Frogger-type game with a chicken instead of a frog.  Keith made some mean chicken and car bitmap graphics for it.  I think it looks great. I’m working on learning game programming like a job.  But Read More


Santa brought a Wii to our house this Christmas.  I love it even more than I had hoped.  It so smartly uses controllers, and every game I have played has been so intuitively easy to use and engaging.  My favorite games so far are Wii Sports Bowling, Boom Blox, and Pinball Hall of Fame: the Read More

Flash games

I’m still plugging away with the games.  I’ve taken a detour to learn how to create games with Flash.  I’m reading ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University by Gary Rosenzweig.  I just created my first game – a memory/matching game – just like the first game in my other game programming book.  My biggest issue with Read More

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